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Within the assisted living sector AES provides infrared devices and interfaces to enable the control of devices using accessible

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AES provides a range of telemetry solutions utilising hard wired and remote communications technology

Working on a variety of electronic product design projects regarding telemetry for clients, means that AES can advise and develop different telemetry solutons to meet clients requirements using both fibre optic and hard wired solutions typically for fixed installations and in some cases automotive applications.

Telemetry solutions examples include:

  • Fibre optic solutions for secure communications and cable theft detection. The remote communications technology lends itself to accurate determination of the point of cable breakage and may be used to trigger remote alarms and event logging. Electrically “noisy” environments may necessitate the use of secure communications such as fibre optic links or digital-electronic communications.
  • Multiplexed systems are provided where numerous devices are to be powered and controlled with a minimum of individual conductors.  Weight and cost saving may drive the specification however; multiplexed solutions are also used for installations that may require changes and additions to be made to suit the application. Modular design techniques enable repairs and diagnostic tasks to be performed with lower onsite costs.
  • Radio based solutions are provided using proprietary and bespoke modules. The range, environment and security considerations drive the specifications. Solutions include Bluetooth and radio frequency technologies through to laser, infrared and acoustic coupling. Directionality, obstructions and distances will influence the choice of radio communications.

In client telemetry applications where there is a need to reduce wiring costs and to afford security of the communications link, CAN bus and RS232/RS484 protocols are used to achieve this. AES also utilises encrypted software in some telemetry solutions where there is a need to protect the critical connection and to provide diagnostic information for the system.

Where clients have a need for devices that have critical processes or for security applications, AES often includes remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities together with “fail-safe” monitoring to meet requirements.

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