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AES can assist with the specification, programming and the interface with existing systems

This may be augmented with the design of graphical software and human device interfaces. Customised graphics typically developed in Java, help to personalise the application and tailor it to a particular environment.

In consumer and process control applications, AES is making increasing use of tablet computing power integrated with bespoke interfaces. This brings a new and affordable dimension to local control and monitoring applications. Hierarchical access and multiple screen formats linked to a common data set enable different user requirements to be accommodated without hardware changes.

The power of an embedded computer brings enhanced applications such as video output, data storage, sound detection and output and other functions that would not normally be present in a simple control system. These additional functions are available with little on cost and can significantly enhance the ergonomics of a product or process. AES can assist in the design of embedded software for diagnostic, preventive maintenance and security purposes.

AES employs both in-house and external software specialists to develop bespoke software. This enables the software work packages to be conducted in parallel with the electronic and mechanical work packages. Close project management ensures that the parallel activities remain in sync and this reduces the critical path times. Software development and simulation enables debugging to take place concurrently with the hardware design. This in turn enables automated and semi-automated testing to be conducted on finished products as part of the quality assurance process.

Linking bespoke software with clients’ systems calls for close co-operation; AES works closely with external, system-developers to achieve a reliable interface.

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