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The broad range of sectors and applications provides regular challenges in terms of sensing and detection solutions. AES utilises both proprietary and in-house designed sensing technology and detection technology to solve often complex sensing and detection problems.

AES uses active sensing devices and passive sensing devices in analogue and digital form. Digital sensing and detection systems are primarily developed in RS232 and RS485 protocols although other protocols including CAN bus, RS422 and optical methods are used as required.

Recent sensing and detection solution projects have involved one or more of the following sensing technologies and detection technologies

  • Proximity sensing
  • Vibration and sound monitoring
  • Thermal security devices
  • High pressure and gas composition detection
  • Light detection and control within explosive atmospheres
  • Fluid level sensing in ambient, high pressure and high temperature applications
  • Position sensing using microwave, ultrasonic, GPRS and GPS technologies
  • Speed and position measurement, inclination and elevation both at ground level and in airborne applications
  • Energy and water monitoring devices linked to remote monitoring equipment
  • Counting, sorting and orientation detection in process control applications
  • Failsafe detection systems
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