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The Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) sector is perhaps the broadest sector by application serviced by AES

Product design and development projects are frequent and varied, and as such provide AES with the opportunity to work in close collaboration with clients' research and development teams, product development and procurement.

Recent OEM product design and development projects include:

  • Retail security – anti-theft devices for clothing and electronic goods, in-store protection.
  • Industrial devices – sensing of process parameters (speed, temperature, position, power consumption, gas type and pressure) with local and remote data logging linked to warnings and process-interventions.
  • Explosion proof lighting components – ballast and switching controls.
  • Integrated power supplies and wiring in high specification equipment cases.
  • Ultrasonic proximity sensors with alarm and safety functions.
  • Lift and mechanical handling controls; pneumatic and hydraulic controls and safety limit warnings.
  • Accelerometers and inclinometers for use in lifting and mechanical handling.
  • Metal and foreign body detection on conveyor systems – detection and warning system.
  • Biometric security devices
  • Assisted living equipment (various)
  • Fluid level and leakage sensing with remote communication.
  • Contract manufacture of cable theft detection for the rail industry using fibre optic technology.
  • Subcontract manufacture of secure communications equipment for the aerospace sector – ground based infrastructure.
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