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Data Logging

AES provides data logging and telemetry solutions for a wide range of applications.

The data logging may be in real time to a remote device or stored locally, depending on the clients requirements, and variety of parameters may be monitored and stored, at any one time. The data logging may be in absolute terms to the capacity of the memory or stored on a perpetual basis with newer data overwriting historical data. Linked to the data-logging is data retrieval, and AES has designed and manufactured a range of data logging devices using a variety of retrieval systems.

Here are some examples of the type of applications where data logging is a critical component of the overall solution:

  • The data logging devices may be used for process parameters, aiding quality assurance or the recording of extreme events such as overheating, over or under temperatures and excessive loads. Where required certain processes may require data logging and reporting for statutory compliance and AES can provide secure systems to this end.
  • For commercial vehicles, the data may be saved to removable memory components such as SD cards and USB sticks. In portable power packs, AES has provided secure, embedded systems. These can upload their stored data via the charging umbilical. The data transfer may not be apparent at the point of use but transmitted via a modem interface to a remote system.
  • Proximity devices may be provided that will upload data to a portable scanner when in range. This is particularly useful for maintenance and the gathering of utilisation data in public areas without disrupting the equipment in use.
  • In hazardous areas, the ability to retrieve performance and event history from critical equipment such as valves and actuators may be beneficial. AES has provided equipment that can retrieve data from sealed actuators when paired with portable, monitoring devices. This may be achieved through the outer enclosures of the critical equipment without the need to disrupt the protective outer casing of the equipment. Unique serial numbers and location data may be ascribed to each device to ensure that on a complex site, the data and control information is correctly targeted.
  • Data logging may be used to upload new sets of parameters to equipment. These can be uploaded and stored to a remote device without disrupting the application or the integrity of its enclosure. The communication protocol may take the form of digital information sent by radio frequency, Bluetooth, fibre optic link or serial cable.
  • In security applications, AES has built and programmed devices to interrogate boundary and security devices. The storage facility can capture tamper and usage events. In addition, the devices may be used to ensure that planned security and maintenance events occur. Secure logs may be generated to confirm that planned events have occurred such as test functions and security monitoring patrols have taken place. These may in turn be linked by bar code or RFID readers to populate the data storage for subsequent retrieval.


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