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Cables and Wiring

Hard wired connections generally feature in most product designs - AES can design and manufacture wiring systems from the simplest of linkages to complex looms

In addition to in-house assembly, AES works closely with specialist sub-contractors to produce complex looms and armoured cables, and therefore we can offer solutions to a wide range of requirements.

Our experience in wiring systems covers:

  • General cables and wiring
  • Industrial wiring through to UL
  • Automotive cables and wiring
  • Aerospace cables and wiring

Testing regimes are incorporated within the standard operating procedures for a given application and may also be independently monitored and certified by external certification bodies. AES has developed semi-automated test rigs for specific applications to ensure that the connectivity, impedance and isolation of particular wire sets are correct.

Test rigs are typically used for multicore cable systems and for high power applications. In critical applications the testing regime may involve prolonged electrical soak tests at elevated load conditions to ensure the efficacy of the assembly. AES can assist in the specification and design of the test regime to suit a particular application.

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