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The automotive market has increased the use of electronic modules and automotive electronic product design significantly, adding a new complexity to the overall automotive product design of cars, buses and other forms of transportation.

Modular design, data management, and reliability are all factors carefully considered in the delivery of innovative, cost effective products to clients in the automotive sector. AES works with leading automotive companies and has obtained 1st and 2nd tier supplier approval.


Examples of automotive product design and automotive product development projects delivered by AES include:

  • Commercial vehicle lighting – new LED lighting developed to provide increased light output within an existing footprint on a vehicle. Products are electrically soak tested at extreme power settings before being supplied to tight production deadlines.
  • Wiring and harness elements manufactured and tested for use both on vehicles and within the trackside equipment.
  • Audible driver warning system for fire and smoke detection in passenger coaches.
  • Infrared / fibre optic audio networks for a leading sports car manufacturer.
  • Electric vehicle power management equipment.
  • Wireless telemetry and command systems are designed for trailer-mounted equipment complete with GPS tracking and failsafe communications.
  • Integrated safety systems for mechanical handling equipment supplied internationally. CAN bus technology with hardware and software design and manufacture.
  • Ultrasonic safety sensing equipment for driver protection.
  • Climate and functional smart control systems are designed and manufactured to a large, military vehicle manufacturer. Designs are robust and functional for use in harsh environments.
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