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Electronic product design in the aerospace sector demands high quality, reliability, and a robust and traceable supply chain. 

AES designs and manufactures aircraft device and airport devices for the aerospace industry, that are certified and supplied for use with aircraft, on aircraft and within the airport infrastructure in a range of aerospace applications.

The traceability and testing of aersospace products within the aerospace sector is an important part of the aerospace electronic product design and manufacturing process. AES assists with the component logistics to ensure that the electronic components are sourced from approved suppliers.

Given the long gestation periods of aerospace designs and components, key components may become scarce or obsolete. As components become scarce, strategies are required to locate, approve and if necessary replace components with approved, contemporary alternatives.

This process needs to be undertaken early and measures put in place to ensure compliance. AES works with clients to source and evaluate alternative aerospace product innovation and aerospace devices and to preserve the continuity of supply.

AES is participating in a tripartite development project to develop new electro-mechanical devices for the aircraft industry.

Examples of aerospace product design and aerospace product development projects include:-

  • Ground testing equipment is manufactured for use in Europe and North America. Product traceability and build tracking is a key element in the aerospace devices production process.
  • AES is engaged in pilotless aircraft for a variety of aerospace applications including security and commercial filming.
  • AES is leading an aerospace product design and development project in association with a specialist mechanical engineering firm that provides aircraft actuator systems.
  • Sensor and ignition components are manufactured for pilotless aircraft systems.
  • Radio linked electronic controls are supplied for a leading aerospace tooling manufacturer. Products are manufactured and tested to exacting levels and supply chain initiatives track component availability and longevity.
  • Aerospace wiring and system calibration
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