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7th February 2019

AES completes development of rail and stockyard monitoring system

AES has recently completed the development of a smart monitoring system for use in the rail industry. The system, that was successfully trialled last year, comprises multiple sensors within each device, that can be networked or used as standalone devices, linked through mobile phone technology. The networked devices can be linked through the existing multiplexed communication network for remote monitoring.

Sensors, having a combination of motion detection (PIR and optical), vibration sensing (accelerometers and reed switches), environmental monitoring and gps location tracking, can be included within single units or integrated using separate devices to cover an asset or area of interest.

AES will launch a commercial version of the system for asset protection using mobile apps and a web based portal for use in the wider market this year. The technology evolved from AES's electronics design on wearable tracking and monitoring devices used in the leisure and medical sectors.

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