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31st January 2019

An Interview with Junior Electronics Design Engineer - Michael Parry

What attracted you to working with AES over other organisations?

AES caught my attention due to their variation in work and involvement in many different sectors, from Automotive to Medical. When I came for my initial interview the main aspect I was looking for was a kind environment to work in where everyone works as a team – AES certainly ticks that box.

What did you do prior to joining AES?

Before I was a Product Quality Engineer in the Automotive industry, I mainly dealt with the product approval/certification side, but prior to that I completed a BEng in Electronic Engineering.

What interested you in electronics design?

Being involved with Electronics is so fascinating, no day is the same. Technology is always improving which makes us, as designers, continuously improving on new or old designs.

What have you been working on since joining?

Since I have joined in December I have taken on many different projects from Rig designing to programming and operating the 6 axis Robot.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I have really enjoyed learning how to operate the Robot. We are only just scratching the surface of its capabilities and I’m looking forward developing.

What have you learnt?

AES have provided me with training with an external company to get me up to speed on the basic operations. I have also had support from my colleagues with the Electronics side.

What have the challenges been?

The challenges that I have faced are mainly the amount I have to learn in both mechanical and electrical. It has been a very steep learning curve.

What are you looking forward to getting involved in this year?

This year I’m looking forward to being part of bigger and more advanced projects, carrying out a project right from the very start to seeing the final product at the end handed over to the client.


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