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28th November 2018

AES provide overmould insight for recent LEAP2 (Low weight Electrical Architecture Project)

Assembled Electronic Solutions have recently been part of a successful collaborative project between Ariel Motor Co and Potenza Technology. The project named LEAP2 (Low weight Electrical Architecture Project) takes the original NVN LEAP R&D project outputs of a modular electrical body system using power line carrier technology to a production readiness state for application on Ariel’s vehicles. The technology was proven to reduce weight by 80%, and significantly reduce both complexity and vehicle assembly time. This project focuses on design for manufacture and cost, ease of configuration, robustness, formal testing and supply chain development in order to keep manufacturing based in the UK.

Nigel Maris, Managing Director for AES said ‘it is always enjoyable working on a collaborative project with expert parties in their field to research new innovative technologies. AES were please to provide the insight knowledge and capability for overmolding for the project. The project also lead us to investing in a new Overmould machine, expanding our design and manufacturing capabilities to service the UK’.

Chris Rayner-Hall of Potenza commented at the recent Advanced Engineering Show 2018. “We know that a number of other companies have tried to develop a similar system with the same technology and none have been successful. We know where the hurdles have been and they have now been overcome. At our offices in Coventry we have a working system complete with modular boards capable of managing everything from light clusters and HMI to CO2 sensors. There has been a lot of interest already and we expect the system to go into its first production prototype vehicles at the start of 2019.”


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