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15th March 2019

Invitation to tender - IOT hardware and software development subcontract

AES is developing a number of IOT innovative solutions and are seeking a subcontractor to increase capacity in the next areas:

CAD Design
Metalwork and cad
Plastics cad and tooling
App development
Web app development
Electronics and prototyping

The tender award is subject to ERDF Grant Offer from Coventry & Warwickshire Innovation Programme. 

Please contact AES via info@assemtron.com for further tender information.

Applications to tender will close on a projecct by project basis. The overall development programme with ERDF support will conclude on the  31st January 2021. 

Work package #1 CAD design - Wearable tracker v1.0 closed 31st March 2019

Work package #2 Protoype tooling - Wearable tracker v 1.0 closed 20th April 2019

Work package #3 Embedded software - PC Application software closed 31st March 2019

Work package #4 - IOT control and datalogging software - Remote battery monitoring and charging system Closes 30th June 2019

Work package #5 CAD design and mechanical fabrication - Remote battery charging system Closes 30th June 2019

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