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AES works within the transportation sector in a range of applications driven by electronic product design project requirements.


  • Ignition systems; balance, control and position sensing
  • Camera controls and actuation
  • Ground testing equipment for commercial and military craft
  • Airport seating and power receptacles
  • Biometric access devices, smart controls
  • Calibration of wiring harnesses and test equipment/data loggers; high specification torque sensing equipment


  • Temperature and climate controls in military vehicles; GPS; position sensing and GPS-controlled devices e.g. agriculture, snow and de-icing; engine pre-heating
  • Racing components – cockpit and engine equipment
  • Commercial vehicle tail-lift controls
  • Audible driver warnings – smoke and fire detection – coaches and buses, GPRS security devices
  • Anti-cable theft equipment for the rail industry
  • Dynamometer controls and telemetry
  • Vehicle display test interface, umbilical leads and data-loggers



  • Underwater devices- lighting and gas-detection
  • Monitoring and telemetry



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