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‚ÄčTesting and Inspection

The quality assurance system drives the testing and inspection culture within AES. The processes fall in to two areas, in-house and external validation.

The in-house electronic product design process begins with the project design system and tracks product design changes and documentation control. The recent award of the ISO 13485 medical accreditation reflects the continuous improvement culture and builds on the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation that AES has operated since its inception. The testing regimes are typically defined with the input of the client and the results are retained within a central project register.

In house physical testing and inspection occurs on a tiered basis:

  • Physical inspection includes automated optical inspection (AOI) and other processes to verify sub-assemblies during manufacture.
  • The SOPs are controlled documents and reflect the current version of the job.
  • Visual and in-process testing occurs during the assembly and is validated against standard operating procedures for each project.
  • Finished assembly or sub-assembly testing is carried to suit the specific job. This may include electrical testing, functional testing and programming. Diagnostic testing and programming occurs at the end of the build process using calibrated diagnostic equipment and dedicated test rigs.
  • Cyclic and soak testing is carried out, where applicable, to eliminate issues such as dry joints and component faults.
  • Software is verified for accuracy and is checked for effective installation.

External certification is ratified by authorised bodies and involves in-house inspections and external product evaluation. These include EMC testing at TUV-SUD; Underwriters Laboratories and SGS United Kingdom.

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