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Technical and Product Development

Product Development

In any electronic product design and electronic product development process, the critical stage of turning concepts into commercially viable complete products requires close cooperation with your engineering and Research and Development teams. We work on a collaborative basis with our clients and external specialists. The multidisciplinary electronic product design and product development approach typically involves marketing, product stylists, and software/graphics and CAD designers working from the outset with the electronics team.

Paramount to successful electronic product design and product development is the application of high quality systems engineering: it is essential in delivering products which meet the final requirements and production timescales, and are to be manufactured at the right cost, maintainable and profitable.

The product design and development process typically involves most if not all of these key stages:

The demands for cost effective solutions in tight time frames led to a major commitment and investment in the ISO 13485 medical quality standard.

This together with the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation has driven the investment and continuous improvement culture that pervades AES.


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