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Future-Proofing and Product Upgrades


Future-Proofing and Product Upgrades

Several factors drive the demand for future-proofing of electronic product designs. The cost of new product development and the shorter product life cycles are caused by the acceleration in the growth of new technology. AES can assist with the electronic product design of future-proofing. Having a multidisciplinary approach enables AES to consider a number of factors that may impact on the life span of a new product design. In recent history these have included:

  • Increased memory capacity of electronic devices – the ability to incorporate more powerful memory chips.
  • The use of RS232 and RS485 backbones capable of enabling systems to expand in line with growing business needs.
  • The design of plastic and metal enclosure tooling to facilitate changes in part without recourse to complete tooling redesigns.
  • Modular electronics that enable elements to be upgraded whilst retaining the fundamental product design and tooling.
  • The modular approach for hardware and software.
  • Telemetry formats –radio frequency, Bluetooth, optical and laser systems etc.
  • Data logging and diagnostics
  • Communications protocols and the ability to upgrade software and operating systems.

The rapid growth in solid state memory capacity and the compression of circuitry on to individual semiconductors means that additional storage and processing functions can be included within the existing space and cost parameters.

The integrated circuitry reduces power consumption and increases processing speeds whilst helping to reduce EMC emissions.

Smart designs will ensure that these resources may be incorporated in the initial product design and development and utilised in future iterations without recourse to additional hardware costs.



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