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Obsolescence Management

AES tracks forward availability of critical components for its scheduled and established products. In many cases the leading manufacturers will offer product upgrades and give warning as availability of components becomes curtailed. In reality, the upgrades are often not simple drop-in replacements but require a degree of software and/or hardware redesign.

AES can assist with this electronic product redesign process or notify clients in with respect to third party product designs.

Measures can be taken to secure buffer stocks of critical components. However, there are pitfalls and when stocks dwindle, the grey market components may not conform to the required specifications.

AES works with recognised suppliers to ensure that the components are appropriate for the intended sector. Component traceability in the aerospace and automotive sectors precludes the use of grey market components. Similarly, aged stock, even from proven sources, may have issues.

AES’s obsolescence management service assists clients in preserving the integrity of the new product supply chain.

Supply Chain Management
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