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​AES utilises leading technology, production and inspection equipment, and strict quality testing to produce products of the highest quality.

Key Stages:

- Development of a manufacturing plan – schedules, costs & timescales.

- Strategic procurement is treated as an integral part of the  product development process.

- Material quality, availability and future-proofing are intrinsic to timely delivery and reliability in service.

- Critical path times can be significantly reduced and delivered-component costs minimised through Pareto principles and scheduled procurement.

- Testing and inspection - Where feasible, in process inspection is backed up with electrical testing.

- Typically, finished product batches are 100% tested to agreed standards in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 procedures.

- Industry and process specific testing is completed to meet your specific requirements.

- Packaging and logistics - Planning for packaging and logistics is considered from the outset to ensure safe and reliable transit and storage.

Manufacturing Capabilities include:

Assembled printed circuit boards (PCB)

Wiring and sub-assembly

Moulded or Computerised Numerical Contol (CNC) produced enclosures

Jigs or fixtures to ensure product consistency and accuracy.

Software Development

Graphics design

Functional Test Rigs


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