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Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property can be a thorny issue in any collaborative electronic product design and product development project if it is not addressed from the outset.

AT AES, the issue of IP is not seen as a stumbling block. In fact we attract project work where clients have experienced IP issues elsewhere.

Our approach is a pragmatic one. If a client brings IP to the relationship, its ownership remains with that client.

If AES utilises existing Intellectual Property this will be licenced to our client for use in the defined application. New IP developed during the course of the electronic product design project is addressed through a project specific agreement. Increasingly, AES is being offered new devices and technologies by its suppliers and early adoption of these devices can lead to innovative electronic product design solutions and IP value.

Title in the IP will pass to the client on receipt of the electronic product design project fees.

In the case of a joint electronic product design and product development project, IP ownership may be shared on a formal basis. This may include an agreement with respect to the market sectors or applications that each party will exploit.

In short, IP ownership is seen as an opportunity to develop added value rather than as a contentious issue if addressed at the start of an electronic product design and product development project.

IP Protection Measures:

Internal Measures

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements

Separation of Data on the servers

In-House Testing and Final Assembly

Stable and Loyal Workforce

External Measures

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Dividing Product Data among Different Suppliers

Managing the disclosure of the functionality to suppliers

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