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1st October 2018

AES to support ‘Chatty Factories’ of the future

Assembled Electronic Solutions on Advisory Panel for the New Industrial Systems: Chatty Factories

This major government £1.5m project will create a system in which products can “talk” to the factory floor in order to transform the modern manufacturing process.

AES Managing Director, Nigel Maris said ‘I am very pleased to be working with other innovative and academic parties to get this project off the ground and I look forward to contributing with our expertise in robotics and cellular manufacture’.

Professor Pete Burnap, Principal Investigator for the Chatty Factories Project said ‘"Nigel combines the strategic overview of the total business that is the MD’s role, with the perspective of an agile, medium sized business experienced at responding to varied needs across different manufacturing sectors. We really need that depth and diversity of experience in our advisors.’’

The three-year project is aiming to take advantage of the rapid growth of the ‘Internet of Things’, in which everyday items have the ability to “talk” to each other and transmit massive amounts of useable data By embedding sensors into products that we use in our daily lives, the goal is to create one seamless process that is capable of continuously changing products based on data from the users.

The project, dubbed “Chatty Factories”, could potentially save significant amounts of time and money spent on consumer research, concept design, prototyping and manual labour on the factory floor, as well as providing ideas for brand new products. Over the next three years the project team will be developing artificial intelligence to process the large amounts of data, exploring ways in which sensors can be embedded into products, developing robots to re-skill the factory floors and making sure all of the interconnected products and processes are able to understand one another. Each strand of research will be underpinned by the latest advances in cybersecurity, ensuring the creation of safe, secure and robust processes. 

The project is led by Cardiff University in collaboration with the Universities of: Edinburgh; Essex; Lancaster and Nottingham.

For further information please visit the Chatty Factories website :- https://www.chattyfactories.org/

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