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26th March 2015

AES Wins Best Company Award at The Engineering Design Show

AES recently attended the Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, where we showcased our safety equipment and launched the U-level Wireless Levelling Device.

We were delighted with our reception at the show – not only did we sell all our stock but we won the award for Best Company at the show. It was such a success that we have already signed up to the next show in October!

A lot of our product innovations stem from a desire to make processes simpler, faster, more accurate and/or less risky whilst utilising the latest technologies.

Our U-Level Wireless Levelling Device, which we launched at the Engineering Design Show, is just such an example. U-Level addresses the need to level items – including but not limited to caravans and motorhomes – easily and efficiently. Many operations require more than one person to make something level – the person operating the levelling equipment and a second person to physically observe and report back on an accurate picture of the current incline. This is a time-consuming and awkward process.

U-level cuts the need for that second person by making use of a radio transmitter which is placed on or in the device you wish to level, and a receiver which the operator holds to accurately observe the level as you manoeuvre it into position. The added benefit is that it doesn’t have to be in line of sight, a feature that is of particular benefit in shop-fitting and equipment installation.

The project involved design and production work to integrate electronics and telemetry into a functional piece of equipment, to ensure more efficient, safer and simpler processes.

For more information on the U-Level Wireless Levelling Device, take a look at the website. Alternatively get in touch with me at or call 01789 204879 to discuss your requirements.

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